Best Practices: Engaging and Executing For Branding Telus

Back in February, I had the opportunity to attend the Les Affaires social media event where Tee Tran, Director, Marketing Communications and Social Media at TELUS presented the company’s approach to social media.  Tee elaborated on the key success factors that were needed for their “Go Pink” initiative.

It seems that the marketing team at TELUS is busy with their new and innovative “Critter” campaign combines their strengths in advertising and use of social media for crowdsourcing purposes.  (If you are not familiar with Telus’ use of critters, please take a look at the following television ads.)

The Critter Vote campaign aims at having individuals selecting a new critter for the company’s advertising campaign that is scheduled for early September.

This morning, I heard a radio spot from TELUS prompting the audience to visit their Facebook Page where individuals can vote for one of the remaining the candidates.  Figure 1 is a screenshot of the page.

Figure 1: Telus Critter Vote Facebook Page

The three finalists include: 1) Saw Whet Owl, 2) Otter and 3) Pot-Bell Pig.

Along with the Facebook Page, there is a YouTube clip which can be seen below.

What makes this integrated campaign worth noting are the strategic and tactical avenues that TELUS used to engage their audience.  The company is offering current and potential consumers an opportunity to contribute to the next national advertising campaign.  The notion of being a part of the creative process will surely prompt individuals (especially animal lovers) to vote for a critter that is cute, funny or just  different.  To provide additional voting incentives to individuals, Telus will donate $1 for each vote that is submitted to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  Voters will automatically qualify for a trip to Africa for safari at the Kruger National Park and a visit to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Lake Victoria.  Other prizes and promotional offers (as seen in Figure 2) include Blackberry Playbook and a $100 discount off a smartphone.

Figure 2: Promotional Offers By Telus For Votes

The Critter Vote campaign is a clear example of how traditional marketing vehicules (i.e., television and radio advertisement) and social media marketing (i.e., Facebook and YouTube) can work simultaneously to reinforce a brand.

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