Enhance Your Web 2.0 Presence With Flavors.me

If you are reading this post, there is a good chance that you have:

a) A LinkedIn Profile
b) A Facebook Profile
c) A Twitter Account
d) A combination of the three listed above

Do you have a location online beside your website where individuals can access your social media presence in one place?  If you do not, you have something in common with 40% of Fortune 50 companies.  According to a report by Advertising Age, some companies are still shy about putting out their social media presence for all to see.

Here is a snazzy tool that may help you out.

Flavors.me allow you to create a page where you can post the links  to your presence on social networks along with an image.  The image can be in the form of a photo or a logo.  Figure 1 is the flavors.me page for Intelegia.

Figure 1: Intelegia's Flavors.me Page

Flavors.me is a free application however; there are some features that you must pay for such as  the Metadata function that will optimize your page for search engines.

Flavors.me is available at www.flavors.me

PS. If  you wish to have an alternative to Flavors.me, consider About.me.