Find More People To Follow With Tweet Degree

Are you  finding it difficult to find  people worthy of a “follow” on Twitter?    Here is a tool that will help you out.

Tweet Degree is an application that will suggest individuals to follow based upon the people that you are currently following and three different ranking factors.

1) Strong Links – Measures the amount of interaction with the user (ie, replies, retweets and mentions).
2) Trust Rank – Measures how important the Twitter user is.
3) Trust Quotient – Measures the relationship between the user’s trust rank and their follower count.

Figure 1 is the results from Tweet Degree for @citweetz.

Figure 1: Results For @citweetz










Once you place your mouse over a possible person to follow, Tweet Degree will provide a profile of that person.   This is illustrated in Figure 2 for @fastcompany.

Figure 2: @fastcompany Tweet Degree Profile









Tweet Degree is available at

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