3 Tips To Assess Your Content Curation Approach

As a community manager in the domain of social media, you are accountable to two groups of individuals: 1) Management and 2) Target Audience.

1) Management – Ultimately, these individuals  will give you your marching orders to execute established marketing strategies.
2) Target Audience – This group has selected to become of a part of your community and expects something from you.

To substantiate your role as a content curator and the tools that you have selected to utilize, you may have to assess the approach that is in place.   Here are three quick tips to do so.

1. Examine your content along with your business objectives

Established business objectives are the key drivers behind any marketing effort and should be referred to gauge performance.  With this mind, you  may want to align specific pieces of content with objectives in an spreadsheet.  Check back with this spreadsheet on a quarterly basis to see if these objectives have been met.

2. Do a “Buzz Check”

Although you may have your core audience “listening” to your brand message, you should be looking to examine any viral effects from any posting executed by you or comments left by others.  Consider using tools such as Social Mention, Addictomatic and Samepoint to investigate the sentiments and any buzz created by a specific post.

3. Ask your target audience

The best individuals that can assess your content curation approach are the people who reading / consuming your content: Your audience.  Your audience will tell you if you have hit the mark in terms of getting a key message through to them or totally missing with a blog post, a tweet or a YouTube clip.   Their feedback can come in the form of a retweet, a “Like”, a “Thumbs Up” or just a comment left on a Facebook Page or a blog.

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