Google Search Tip #415: Finding Timely Information

Here is a tip for individuals who are not too familiar with the bells and whistles that Google has to offer to make life easier searching the web.

At times, we often throw in our keywords into Google and hope for the best.  Some of us just takes what Google gives us from it broad search however;  sometimes we are in need for timely information.  Here is how you can attempt to get to it within a mouse click.

Place yourself in a position in which you must prepare a presentation regarding the use of social media in your industry and one slide must contain the latest data on trends in social media.  Of course, one of your options is to throw in your keywords, (i.e., “social media” + trends) into Google and browse the given results to see if there is anything meaningful in terms of current data.  Figure 1 illustrates the results for such a query.

Figure 1: Google Search Query: "social media" + trends

If you look to the left of the list of results, you will find a series of links (as presented in Figure 2) that will help you access a set of results based on the time frame in which the pages were indexed by Google.

Figure 2: Options To Filter Results

Please Note: These options will appear depending on the number of keywords that are entered.  (When they do not appear for your query, just click on “More search tools” and they will  be listed.)

Figure 3 presents a set of results sorted by what has been indexed in the past month.

Figure 3: Results For "social media" + trends From The Past Month

Do you spot the different between the results presented in Figure 1 and Figure 3?  Notice the order of results that are listed based on dates?

This option will ultimately save you time and frustration in getting current and relevant information.