Find Out When You Get The Most RTs With TweetWhen

With the millions of tweets that are sent via Twitter per day, one of the most challenging things that marketers must face is breaking through the clutter on the microblogging site.  In an ideal world, marketing professionals would like to have the perfect formula that dictates when a tweet should be sent in order for it to be retweeted.  As a result, organizations will be able to gauge the viral effects of their Twitter campaign.

I had the opportunity to attend a webinar hosted by HubSpot where I learned about their tool, TweetWhen.  The tool aims to tell what time and day tweeters can obtain the most retweets per tweet.

To use the application, all that is needed is your Twitter handle.  (It  is important to note that the tool only works with Twitter feeds that has more than 1000 tweets.)  For the purposes of this  post, I have used the Twitter handle, @intelegia.  The TweetWhen results are presented below in Figure 1.

Figure 1: TweetWhen Results For @intelegia

Based on TweetWhen, the best time to tweet with the intention of getting retweets for @intelegia is 3pm ET on Fridays.

Which is yours?

TweetWhen is available at