9 Content Curator Tools For Social Media

If you attended Les Affaires’ social media conference, “Les Reseaux Sociaux Pour Une Implantation Concrete, Mesurable et Efficace” and did not have the opportunity to sit in on the seminar, “Contexte de B2B: Batissez Votre Strategie Afin D’Optimiser Votre Utilsation Des Reseaux Sociaux” then you missed out on some of the tools that will make a big difference in your strategic approach to social media.

Do not worry. Like a good content curator, Intelegia is all about sharing relevant and timely information.

The seminar touched upon 15 elements which are needed to build your presence on social networks for business-to-business initiatives.    One element was how to gather information to provide relevant content for your target audience in order to build or enhance your brand.

Below are the nine tools that were discussed in the seminar.

1. Addictomatic

One of the most popular tools that Intelegia features in its courses, Addictomic, allows users to search for real-time content on various Web 2.0 based sites all at one time.


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Addictomatic is available at www.addictomatic.com

2. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that pulls its results from crowd sourced sites such as Wikipedia and aims to improve relevancy for submitted queries.   It is a very good alternative to a Google search.


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DuckDuckGo is available at www.duckduckgo.com

3. Google Advanced Search

Spending too much time trying to get relevant information when using Google?  Here is a tip.  Use the Google Advanced Search interface.  This will help you filter results based on keywords that you would expect to appear on a page or in a particular file format (i.e., .pdf) or other set of criteria.

Google Advanced Search Interface

Google Advanced Search Interface

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Google Advanced Search is available at www.google.ca/advanced_search?hl=en

4. Google Alerts

Are you having trouble keeping informed on what is published online regarding your industry?   Try setting up a Google Alert.  With a valid Google Account, you can have Google perform searches for you automatically.  Relevant results from the web, news, blogs, videos and discussion groups are sent straight to your email  inbox.

Google Alerts

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Google Alerts is available at www.google.com/alerts

5. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is not a tool strictly for professionals looking to advertise on the search engine.  It can be used to help you select the best keywords to start your search on the web.

Using Google Adwords As An Intelligence Tool

Google AdWords is available at https://adwords.google.com

6. Google Reader

The Google Reader application permits you to establish an information monitoring dashboard especially when it comes to information on the web, news and real time content.  Once it is set up,  users can log on, browse through created folders and read information based on preselected keywords and sources.

Google Reader

Google Reader is available at www.google.com/reader

7. IceRocket

IceRocket is a web search engine which specializes in real-time search.  It searches the popular social networking websites such as Twitter, YouTube and  news.  IceRocket’s Big Buzz feature allows users to search Blogs, Tweets, news, images, etc all from one page.


IceRocket is available at www.icerocket.com

8. Paper.li

This application permits individuals to create an easy to read newspaper style format from content coming from tweets and Facebook postings without lifting a finger.  Paper.li automatically pulls stories from those you follow and sorts them into categories to publish them in your newspaper.


Paper.li is available at www.paper.li

9. Social Mention

Social Mention is a smart search tool that allows you to find real time information on blogs, bookmarks, comments, and other social Web errata.  In addition, the tool provides an analysis of the mentions in terms of sentiments: positive, neutral and negative.

Social Mention

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Social Mention is available at www.socialmention.com