Good Content Strategy or Public Relations

Have you noticed that BP America has a presence on social media? You figure that BP America would be the last corporate brand to take a calculated risk and engage with individuals after last year’s oil spill.

Call it a marketing strategy or a public relations strategy, BP America has social media campaign that is driven by revamping their brand image after the environmental disaster. Using social media, BP America is pushing message out via their Twitter feed (BP_America), Facebook Page, YouTube Channel and a Flickr photostream with the aid of a coherent content strategy. It does not take a pure genius to figure out what their core message is that links together the four applications. BP America wants to tell the world through social media that it is “fixing the damage” that it has caused ecologically and economically.

A content strategy is about illustrating a brand at work. Here is an example to drive home the point.

The image seen in Figure 1 was taken from BP America’s Facebook Page. It is interesting to see that the firm decided to post content from The Time-Picayune, specifically the article, “New Orleans area experiences post-oil spill boom; Alabama’s economy still smarting“. In the article, BP America is commended for their contribution to a mini economic boom in New Orleans thanks to the company’s remediation effort and the payout from the claims fund.

Figure 1: Posting of the link to The Time-Picayune article

Is posting such an article good PR or sound content strategy management?

I vote for sound content strategy management.

By simply capturing content (with a positive tone) that others have created about you and your brand is worth its weight in gold. All you have to do is post it which is what BP America did.

Yes, there is an element of public relations in terms of taking information from an unbiased source and showcasing it for the world to see however; there is one aspect to keep in mind. The comments that are associated with the post. As seen in Figure 2, there are 11 comments posted.

Figure 2: Comments Posted By Fans Regarding The Time-Picayune Article

BP America must have known that posting the link to article would have been a definite avenue to engage their fans (or stakeholders) whether it would lead to positive or negative feedback.

Would a public relation function be able to efficiently handle such responses?