Wajam – Search What Members In Your Social Network Are Posting

I am always amazed at individuals who follow thousands on Twitter or have tons of friends on Facebook.  Okay, it is maybe an indicator of popularity of how “social” an individual can be however; it must be a nightmare keeping up with tweets and/or status updates from individuals who share valuable information.  How do individuals manage to go through hundreds messages especially when time is limited?  Thanks to Wajam, there is an application that will help individuals wade through the “noise” that is on Twitter feeds and Facebook status updates.

Created by a Montreal-based start-up company, Wajam allows you to perform a search based on:

  • The tweets that has been sent
  • Your friends’ statuses on Facebook
  • Your bookmarks (favourites)
  • Links on Delicious

The application is available online and as a browser plug-in.  It is pretty cool to see results from Wajam sitting on top of Google’s results as seen in Figure 1 for a search query regarding Larry Page of Google.

Figure 1: Results From Wajam Appearing Above Google’s Results For “Larry Page”

Along with the results, you are provided with a list of individuals that you are following and/or friends that have posted content with the keywords entered into Wajam.

Wajam can be extremely useful if your are using Twitter as an information monitoring or competitive intelligence tool.  Imagine searching by keyword(s) instead of browsing through an enormous amount of tweets sent out by a competitor or a region vying for the same potential investor?

I can’t wait for the day in which I can add the feeds from my Linkedin account.

Wajam is available at www.wajam.com