Fagan Finder – Search Tools In One Place

Although Google is a very good search tool, it does not have the capacity to find information on certain parts of the web.  For instance, Google does not have the capability to find information in some phone number directories.  As a result, individuals are lead to navigating amongst other search tools on the web which maybe a time consuming task.

Fortunately, there is a resource such as Fagan Finder.  Fagan Finder provides a “collection of internet tools, mostly for helping you find anything and everything online.”  Figure 1 is a screen capture of the index page of the resource.

Figure 1: Fagan Finder Index Page

Conducting a search query is very easy to do. Here is a quick tutorial.

1) Click on the type of search tools that you would like to utilize. (i.e., search engines, weather, science, etc). Note: These options are listed on top of page in the green banner)

2) Enter your keyword(s)

3) Indicate the type of search that should be done by clicking within the associated radio button.

Figure 2 is a screen capture for an academic search using the keywords, “foreign direct investment” and the Docs & Presentations search with Scribd.

Figure  2: Academic Search Query Using Fagan Finder

Results for any query are provided courtesy of the search tool’s page (i.e., Scribd Results)

Fagan Finder is available at www.faganfinder.com