Multiblogger Approach For The Mauricie Region

Pop question: What do you get when you combine 30 + dedicated professionals with a social media platform?

Answer: Blogue Mauricie

Figure 1: Blogue Mauricie

Intelegia had the opportunity to work with the representatives of the Mauricie region early this year at the seminar, “Optimize Investment Attraction Strategy Through Information and Social Media Applications“.  Please read, “Intelligence “R” US: Innovative Economic Development Practices in Mauricie, Québec

In the seminar, we introduced some tools that could aid in their investment attraction strategy.  As you can see above in Figure 1, the attendees devote themselves to blogging on a variety of subjects to position the region as a location to invest.  The blog is extremely easy to navigate and read current and past posts.

Blogue Mauricie is only one element of the region’s social media strategy.  The region has a Twitter feed (BlogueMauricie), a Facebook Page and many of the region’s representatives are on Linkedin.

Blogue Mauricie is available at