Why Use DuckDuckGo To Search?

Are you a loyal user of Google and you will not consider using another tool after browsing through a number of page?

Can we convince you to take DuckDuckGo for a test drive.

DuckDuckGo uses data from crowd-sourced sites, especially Wikipedia, to populate “Zero-click Info” boxes, which are red boxes containing topic summaries and related topics above results.  Above all, the search engine is very easy to use and it does not track where you go on the web unlike Google.  (See “What Info Does Google Keep?)

As you log onto the search engine, you will notice the very clean  interface where keywords are entered. (Very similar of how Google used to look like.)

What is very handy to make use of on DuckDuckGo is the ability to access results using the same keyword query from one particular source.  Using the query, “online advertising” +trends, the search engine provides the hits as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Listing Of Results For “Online Advertising” + Trends

Highlighted in yellow is a result from Business Week.  Once the ” BW” icon on the left hand side of the hyperlink is clicked on,  users are supplied with more results exclusively from the portal.  Figure 2 illustrates the list that DuckDuckGo provides as answers to the initiative query.

Figure 2: Results From Business Week For “Online Advertising” + Trends

Executing a similar search on Google would entail keying in the keywords, advanced search function, “site:” and the web address of the source of information.

Time will only tell if DuckDuckGo has a chance to compete with the big three search engines.

DuckDuckGo is available at www.duckduckgo.com