Hashtags Intelligence For Your Twitter Posting Strategy

If you are using Twitter in your social media  marketing campaign, you have probably heard of the term, “hashtags”.  According to Wikipedia,  hashtag is a ” word or phrase prefixed with a hash symbol (#)” that can be posted with a tweet.  The objective of attaching a hashtag is to facilitate information gathering process when using an internet searching tool.  Depending on what you are tweeting about, selecting the proper hashtags may be a challenge. Here is a tool that may help you attract individuals to read your tweets.

Hashtags.org is a search tool that provides intelligence on hashtags that are used on Twitter.  It is a very good source to find out what trending on the microblogging site.  Figure 1 illustrates the trending graph for the hashtag, “#fdi” in a 12 hour time period on October 6th, 2010.

Hashtags.org, hashtags, fdiFigure 1: Trending graph for the hashtag, “#fdi” on October 6th 2010

According to the graph, there were seven tweets that were sent out with the hashtag at 9 am EST.

Using this tool strategically involves making a list of possible hashtags, entering them in the search tool and then identifying the right tags.  The right tags can be defined as a tag that is very popular or an unique tag that once clicked upon will lead to a select few tweets.

Hashtags is available at www.hashtags.org