It’s Location, Location, Location For Site Selectors

Last week, I came across a discussion on the LinkedIn Group, Site Selection, where the topic was, “What should be on a website for investment attraction?”.  A member of the group simply stated, “a detailed map”.

Make sense, right?

Of course however; how many agencies have a map that is more that a map?

A map for investment attraction used by site selectors should be an information product that provides intelligence on locations in a region.  Case in point: IDA Ireland.

IDA Ireland (Industrial Development Agency) is responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment in Ireland.  Below in Figure 1 is a screen shot of the agency’s “Location” section on its website.

Figure 1: IDA Ireland’s Location Section

Thanks to tabs labeled: “Locations of Ireland”, “Business & Technology Parks” and “Strategic Sites”, site selectors can easily access information that they can use to choose real estate to fit their clients’ investment needs.

Within the Strategic Sites subsection, IDA Ireland offers the opportunity to have a view of 10 locations in which they feel that it would be beneficial for any investor to do business.  Figure 2 is an animated model of Oranmore, Co Galway where Biopharma Campus Ireland is located.

Figure  2: Animated model of Oranmore, Co Galway

For each listed strategic site, the website provides a promotional brochure and video to learn more.

When engaging site selectors via a website, it is important to realize that some selectors would like to be independent when it comes to gathering information.  Pushing information to individuals for the decision making process does have its limits.  With a variety of search tools, selectors may want seeking out information for themselves since they are only individuals who knows what they really need and want from a location.