Real-Time Search With Social Mention

Real-time search has become an essential aspect of competitive intelligence research.  From our recent post, “Social Media Monitoring With Radian6” to our archive of Web 2.0 search tools, Tools For Thought is always seeking out search applications to retrieve user-generated content on a regular basis.  Social Mention is a tool that we came across last week.

Social Mention allows users to conduct a keyword search query to find information from such sources as:

  • Blogs
  • Microblogs
  • Networks
  • Bookmarks
  • Comments
  • Events
  • Images
  • News
  • Video clips
  • Audio clips
  • Questions

Figure 1 is a screen shot of the results for “Comments” using the keyword, “Toyota Prius”.

Figure 1: Results for “Comments” using the keyword, “Toyota Prius”

In addition, the tool offers an array of Web 2.0 applications in which users can select to discover relevant information.  Figure 2 presents the list of Web 2.0 applications that Social Mention may use.

Figure 2: Web 2.0 Applications on Social Mention

Some of the key features that Social Mention has to offer competitive intelligence researchers include:

  • RSS feeds of query results
  • E-mail alerts of results
  • The ability to export results in CSV/Excel files
  • Analysis of sentiments (i.e., positive, negative and neutral posts)

Social Mention is available at