SlideFinder – Search For MS-Powerpoint Files

Here is a tool that will aid you in finding past slide presentations efficiently. SlideFinder is an online search tool that goes beyond the search capabilities of  Google’s filetype: pdf advanced search feature.

The permits you to submit a keyword query for an appearance on a slide or in an entire presentation.  Figure 1 illustrates the interfaces provided on the advanced search page of SlideFinder.










Figure 1: SlideFinder Advanced Search Page

To find a specific slide,  you may enter keywords in the following fields:

  • Title
  • Text
  • Notes

To find a specific presentation, you may enter keywords in the following fields:

  • Name
  • Keywords
  • Site

You may specify the language that you would like to find the presentation in.

Case Scenario

You wish to locate a slide in which someone created and commented on the topic of “industry cluster”.

Case Solution

By entering the keywords: “industry cluster” in the notes field in the search interface for slides, you can access the results page as seen in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Search Results For Slide Notes With Keywords – “industry cluster”

By placing your mouse on the third slide, you may access the text of the notes for the first slide of the presentation, “University as the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurs”.  Figure 3 illustrates what happens when the mouse is placed on the slide.

Figure 3: Appearance of Slide Notes As A Mouse Is Place On A Slide

Just for fun, let us see if the same slide or the entire presentation could be found by using Google using a portion of the notes, including the phase, “A key factor underlying the operation of industry clusters”.

Entering, “A key factor underlying the operation of industry clusters” along with filetype:ppt in Google provides an unsuccessful search result.

:SlideFinder is available at