LeapFish: An Impressive Online Research Tool

Here is a search tool that you may want to add to your bookmarks. LeapFish is an application to conduct multi-media, real-time searches and share results with others.  The tool allows users to select the type of query that could be executed, specifically:

  • General Web Search
  • Real Time Search
  • News Search
  • Video Search
  • Image Search
  • Blog Search
  • Shopping Search

The following two images illustrate the search results for a real-time and blog search query for the keywords, “foreign direct investment”.

Figure 1: Results from news sources and Twitter

Figure 2: Results from the blogsphere

To share findings with a colleague, simply place your mouse over the result and click on “Share”.  LeapFish will provide you with the option to post on different Web 2.0 platforms such Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious just to name a few.  Figure 3 shows the complete list of tools.

Figure 3: Web 2.0 sharing tools available on LeapFish

Other value added features of LeapFish includes adding the tool to your browser and customizing your homepage.

LeapFish is available at www.leapfish.com