World Bank Data Available Through Google Search

Google just made life a whole lot easier for individuals searching for  information on the World Bank’s website.

Through Google’s general search interface, users can now access the 17 “World Development Indicatorsfrom the international agency.  By simply entering queries such as “gdp of Australia” or “internet users in south africa”, Google will provide a thumbnail size image of the result at the top of the page.  Figure 1 illustrates the result given for “gdp of Australia” once the thumbnail image is clicked on.

Figure 1: Result For The Query, “gdp of australia” – Line Chart
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Once users have accessed a chart as seen above, comparisons can done by ticking off the box associated with the name of other countries. The list of the countries is located on the left-hand side of the page. Figure 2 presents a comparison of GDP for Australia, Canada and Greece for 2008.

Figure 2: Comparison of GDP for Australia, Canada and Greece
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Once the end-product of the search and comparisons is completed, users can easily share their findings by clicking on the “Link” button in the top right-hand corner of the page.  Google generates a hyperlink which can be sent in an email, messaging platform (ie, IM, Facebook chat) or posted on a blog.