Organization Structure Intelligence Using The Official Board

Here is a tool for competitive intelligence researchers and economic development officers that would like to research a company’s organization structure. The Official Board is an online source that provides information on the organization structure of 20 000 companies located around the world.  Organization charts or organigrams are supplied for each company as seen in Figure 1 for the query, “Dell Computers“.

Figure 1: Organizational Chart for Dell Computers
Please click on image to enlarge.

Bear in mind that not all of the 20 000 companies in the database are up to date however; you will have a good idea how the company is structured along the lines of function and past relationships amongst managers or executives.

Some of the sorting options that can be used after the chart is provided are:

  • By First Name
  • By Title
  • By Manager

Some of extra stuff the The Official Board offers are links to more information regarding the company that is being researched thanks to Google News, LinkedIn, Yahoo Finance and YouTube.

Attempt to cross reference that information that is available on The Official Board.  Testing the tool out with, Saputo, a company in the food and beverage industry, it was discovered that the source filed it under forest & wood products industry.  This could be a simple error or a sign to verify the details posted on the site.

The Official Board is available at

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