Site Selection Intelligence With Bing Maps

A few weeks ago, we introduced Google Street View as a means to collect information for site selectors in terms of location details of possible sites.  To provide a balance view of such mapping tools, here is a look at Bing Maps.

Using Bing Maps is pretty straight forward.  Simply plug in the address that you are interested in and let Bing Maps do the rest.  Bing Maps will first provide you with a general map overview with the specific location identified with arrow as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1:A general map overview for 6100 St. Jacques in Montreal, Quebec

Bing Map gives you 5 different option in which to view the specific location on the map such as:

  • Road
  • Aerial
  • Bird’s Eye
  • Labels
  • Traffic

Figure 2 illustrates the bird’s eye view for 6100 St. Jacques in Montreal, Quebec.

Figure 2: Bird’s eye view for 6100 St. Jacques in Montreal, Quebec.

Similar to Google Street View, Bing Maps offers navigational control toolbox to move around the map.  The toolbox is located  in the top left hand corner of the page.

Tools such as Bing Maps and Google Street View are handy to have especially on a website that is dedicated for investment attraction.  This kind of functionality would allow site selectors to conduct online research regarding available locations to expand in a region with the surrounding infrastructure.

Bing Maps is available at