Economic Development 2.0 With SlideShare

The benchmark study, Web 2.0 And Business Attraction: Canadian Cities Online Marketing Index examined what large Canadian cities were doing in terms of the different social media tools for economic development, precisely to promote their cities for investment attraction.  Best practices of the use of tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr were presented.

One tool that was omitted by the cities was SlideShare which is a pretty useful Web 2.0 or economic development 2.0 tool.

SlideShare allows individuals to upload presentations and documents with the intent of sharing the content with others.  You may consider it to be the “YouTube for Powerpoint presentations”.

Conducting search on SlideShare with the keyword, “economic development”, you can discover an informative presentation by The Chesterfield County Department of Economic Development in Virgina, USA.

The presentation can serve as an effective and efficient information package for site selectors and potential investors in the region.  Slides # 34 to #38 are quite powerful when it comes to promoting Chesterfield.

To view the complete presentation, please click here

SlideShare is available at,