Twitter Search With CrowdEYE

Many wonder the benefits of searching Twitter for economic development purposes.  For some, Twitter is an example of a platform to search for news articles that may not be indexed by search engines.  In addition, queries on Twitter allows individuals to get a sense of opinions on a variety of topics.  Of course, using the internal search tool on Twitter is advised however; there is an option available.

CrowdEYE permits online researchers to submit queries to obtain results in real-time.

Figure 1 presents the results from CrowdEYE for the keyword search, “economic development”

Figure 1: Results for “economic development” on CrowdEYE
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The result page is structured along the lines of :

  • Time Span – The tool will supply results from 12 hour, 1-day, 2-day and 3-day time periods
  • Most Popular Links – Links that were posted on Twitter along with the keywords
  • Tweets – The actual tweets or “messages” that were posted containing the keywords
  • Related Queries – Access to any similar searches that were done by others on CrowdEYE

These four elements are highlighted in blue in the image above.

CrowdEYE is another web 2.0 search tool similar to Collecta, OneRiot and Addictomatic that might be on Google’s and Microsoft’s acquisition list as the market for social media search tools beginnings to heat up in a hurry.

CrowdEYE is available at