The Importance Of Monitoring Capital Investments in Your Industry?

One of the effects of an economic downturn is the change of the level of capital investments from around the globe.  With the shortage of credit made available to companies looking to grow via building new facilities, expanding operations and modernizing equipment, investing a significant amount of money has slowed down until conditions improve.

Announcements of billion dollar projects may be a source of pride for some companies however; it is a source of strategic intelligence for competitors, if used correctly.  Such raw investment intelligence may be collected as a larger part of a competitive intelligence monitoring system.  Being able to manage such a system and produce meaningful intelligence on an ad hoc basis is a definite plus for any company.

a source for capital investment information in Canada, has been monitoring capital investments since 2000 via its Investment Observatory.  The company is well aware of the importance of tracking capital investments within any given sector.

Over the next five weeks, five real life cases will be presented to demonstrate the use of the database of capital investment information.  In particular, the posts will discuss cases such as:

Case 1 – As one of several competitors in the energy sector, you are interested in knowing the  level of foreign direct investment flowing into Canada from specific countries.

Case 2 – As a major competitor to Xstrata, you would like to investigate the number and the type of investments (ie, new facility, expansion, modernization) that the company has made during the past three years.

Case 3 – What is the level of greenfield investments that has been made in the pharmaceutical sector in the province of Ontario in 2007?

Case 4 – You are interested in the amount of capital investments made in the clean technology sector in 2007-2008.

Case 5 – As a small automobile manufacturer, you would like to discover which of your large competitors are receiving financial support from various levels of government.

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