Real-Time Search With Collecta

Real-time search engines are amazing.  Within a matter of keystrokes and a mouse clicks, you can have access of what is being said on social networks minute by minute.  With Collecta, you may track what is posted on an individual’s Twitter page and blog. Figure 1 is the index page of Collecta.

Figure 1: Collecta’s Index Page
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Testing this web 2.0 search tool with the keywords, “iPhone” provides the results as of 10:36 am presented in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Collecta’s Results for “iPhone”
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Two minutes later, the page with the results is modified with new content.  In this case, a blog enter is found by Collecta as seen in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Collecta’s Results for “iPhone” Two Minutes Later
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Collecta is a  tool that should be apart of your toolkit of search applications for the internet searching or competitive intelligence research.

Collecta is available at