Samepoint – A Powerful Social Media Search Tool

Content on Web 2.0 is no longer a laughing matter.  Yes, everyone enjoys a funny or cute video on YouTube however, the amount of strategic intelligence or competitive intelligence that is made available on web 2.0 is growing. What is one of the best ways to access this intelligence?  Use Google?… Use Bing?… Use Samepoint?


SamePoint is a search tool that digs for information amongst the “social conversations” that are taking place on blogs and social networks.  Figure 1 shows the index page of Samepoint.

Figure 1: Index Page of Samepoint
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Testing out the tool with the keywords, “foreign direct investment”, Samepoint will provide results or “social mentions” on such social media platforms as Wikipedia, Ning and blog applications.  In addition, on the same page, you will see on the right hand side a series of Tweets that are classified as, “Recent Conversations”.  Figure 2. illustrates this point highlighted in yellow.


Figure 2: Results from Twitter on the Samepoint Result Page
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The value added feature of Samepoint is the ability to conduct an array of different queries based on the type of web 2.0 application.  Here is the exhaustive list of the applications.

  • Real-Time
  • Bookmarks
  • Wikis
  • Q&A
  • Networks
  • B2B Networks
  • Groups
  • Life Casting
  • MicroBlogs
  • Reviews
  • Podcasts
  • Documents
  • Video
  • Images
  • News

Figure 3 demonstrate the results (“mentions”) Samepoint supplies for a search on B2B Networks using the keywords, “Foreign Direct Investment”.


Figure 3: “Mentions” of “Foreign Direct Investment”
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